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28 Oct 2008 When Your Best Is Not Good Enough (Part 1)

GoingHome When Your Best Is Not Good Enough (Part 1)

Regardless of our methods and techniques, we’re all striving to create a soul in our images.  So it would seem to be an easy task to shoot a town filled with souls.  It would seem…

California is filled with millions of souls and personalities.  Most of the world only hears about the fruits, flakes and nuts that make up the Granola State.  I would like all of you to know that there are heroes who live here, too. They don’t get headlines. In fact, I couldn’t get these pictures or this story published by the one major newspaper or the two local magazines in Fresno. Anti-heroes get press, the story of these volunteers wasn’t considered news.

The souls I refer to are the pilots, doctors, nurses, translators and volunteers of an organization called the Flying Doctors of Mercy. I was fortunate to fly with the Fresno chapter. The short version of their story is that the first weekend of almost every month, private pilots fly their own planes filled with volunteers and supplies to impoverished towns in Mexico.  Planes fly from San Diego, Los Angeles, Fresno and other cities to adopted towns deep inside Mexico … far from prosperity and medical expertise.

A2 When Your Best Is Not Good Enough (Part 1)

We departed on a Friday morning before dawn.  It took most of the day to fly to Guasave.  After numerous stops for fuel and after passing through Customs, we landed at a remote airstrip outside of town guarded by the Mexican army. It was important that we landed before sunset because, as we were reminded numerous times, anything flying after sunset would be shot down as a suspected drug runner.

Welcome to Mexico.