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27 Nov 2008 Maestro!
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The music from the orchestra crashes and roars around you like an ocean. The energy from it all quickens your pulse and carries you with it. You’re helpless to resist it. You feel like something is pulling at your soul, as if you could levitate out of your seat. This awesome power seems to be controlled by a little man on stage with white hair and a baton. You’ve all seen this guy. He’s the one waving his arms and imploring the musicians on stage to pour out their souls but to the untrained eye, it looks like they’re ignoring him.

maestro1 Maestro!

The fact is, these symphony level musicians aren’t going to make much music without a leader, and the Maestro is that leader. Sometimes he rules with benevolence and sometimes he rules with a clenched iron fist, but the one thing that is true of every conductor is that he makes his money in the rehearsal, not the performance.

maestro3 Maestro!

By the time the performance rolls around, the musicians, as excellent as they may be, are not playing Bach or Mozart, they are playing the Maestro’s music. And every instrument on stage is being played by one man – the Maestro.


21 Nov 2008 This Little Light of Mine…
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One of the blogs I read regularly is PrettyGirlShooter.   Besides being an excellent shooter, JimmyD is also very open to sharing his techniques. I admit that I have taken many of his posts into the studio with me and recreated his lighting. One of my buddies who has been shooting much longer than I have often tells me that he’s amazed at how quickly I grasped studio lighting.  I am no ‘Rembrandt’ in the studio (excuse the pun) but Jimmy’s lessons really made it quick and easy to understand.  Jimmy, I owe you a good scotch and the steak that goes along with it.

CodyShadow1 ready This Little Light of Mine...

This is a business /hobby that is gear crazy.  As the holidays approach, I would like all of you to know that I want / need every light, every camera, every byte of software that came to market in the last five years.

ALP7 web This Little Light of Mine...

At least that’s what I thought at the beginning of my photographic journey.  As I’ve read Jimmy’s posts, he often demonstrates how little gear you need to shoot pro quality.  So, as a tip of my hat to the mentor I’ve never met, this post is all about shooting with one single little light.


11 Nov 2008 When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough (Part 2)
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I am a child of the USA. I know fast food, managed health care, 401K plans, and the G I Bill.  I used to have money in the bank until the markets crashed. I have a house, a beautiful wife, a loving dog and a big HDTV on which to watch sports to the chagrin of the beautiful wife (the loving dog remains ambivalent).  Compared to the residents of Ocoroni, I have it all. But they have something I find in short supply.

~ Joy ~

ChildFace When Your Best Isnt Good Enough (Part 2)