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11 Nov 2008 When Your Best Isn’t Good Enough (Part 2)
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I am a child of the USA. I know fast food, managed health care, 401K plans, and the G I Bill.  I used to have money in the bank until the markets crashed. I have a house, a beautiful wife, a loving dog and a big HDTV on which to watch sports to the chagrin of the beautiful wife (the loving dog remains ambivalent).  Compared to the residents of Ocoroni, I have it all. But they have something I find in short supply.

~ Joy ~

ChildFace When Your Best Isnt Good Enough (Part 2)

I have taken some shots in my life that I am very proud of but I confess, these pictures took themselves.

Bunny When Your Best Isnt Good Enough (Part 2)

Whole families found shade and waited throughout the day to see the American doctors.

FamilyofBoys When Your Best Isnt Good Enough (Part 2)

I’ve always dreamed of being a NatGeo photographer and this trip gave me a sense of what it must be like.  I learned that your people skills are as important as your camera skills. Sometimes you get to be like a sniper from across the yard with your 200mm lens, but often you’re very close to your subject and your presence ends up influencing the shot .  If that is the case, then you can’t come across as a threat. In fact, after the first fifteen minutes at the clinic, I felt like the Pied Piper with all the kids following me around wanting to see their faces on the back of my camera.

SmilesAbound When Your Best Isnt Good Enough (Part 2)

The joy was evident in both the young and the old. The ‘youngster’ below entertained those lucky few waiting indoors and the majority the clients waiting on benches in the shade outdoors.

Violin When Your Best Isnt Good Enough (Part 2)

The little ones, especially the sick little ones, became restless.

Tired When Your Best Isnt Good Enough (Part 2)

The day was draining on everyone.

Waiting Family When Your Best Isnt Good Enough (Part 2)

Part three will show you the elation and the disappointment of our one day in Ocoroni.

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  1. 1

    Great photographs Bob. You’ve really captured the inner peace of these people. Just beautiful.

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    Unbearable Lightness 

    What beautiful little faces. This is priceless photography. The photography of social witness seems to me the highest calling, and you’ve achieved it admirably. I will never forget the eyes I saw in these pictures.

  3. 3

    Not a single PSP or Gameboy amongst them! Yet they still look happy. Who would’a thought?

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